Highlight of the day: The race

Just in case. During the qualifying sessions and the timed sessions, all eyes are on the track – including those of the race control and the race marshals.

The DEKRA engineers contribute to ensuring that matters are assessed and decided comprehensively and fairly. They are helped by recorded data of the vehicle sensors such as speed, steering angle, brake pressure and gear shifts as well as the images of the incident cam, which records all actions in the cockpit nearly from the driver’s perspective exclusively for the technical approval. Whether it be dicey and controversial situations such as intentional hindrance, unsafe release after a pit stop or accident situations – all incidents can be analysed and prepared for the race control or the race marshals.

Nevertheless, despite all the stimulating aspects surrounding the vehicle, the main focus in the starting grid is on monitoring compliance with the regulations of the post-qualifying parc fermé, as the permitted activities of the teams are restricted here, too. After the start, the work continues with presence in the pit lane and at the TV monitor.
 The end of the race is getting closer – setup of the two parc fermés. Chequered flag. Deceleration lap, sorting out drivers P1, P2 and P3. Weighing the top three drivers on the way to the podium. While the victory ceremony is still in full flow, preparations are being made for the post-checks.
Whether fuel sample, defueling, vehicle weight, assessing the incident cam and much more – the list of post-checks coordinated with the technical delegate is worked through professionally. The possibilities are simply inexhaustible. Only after the reviews of the DEKRA specialists and the technical delegate’s report to the race management is it official who has won or who has obtained a good finishing position.


07.-09. Jun 2019
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
05.-07. Jul 2019
19.-21. Jul 2019
TT Circuit Assen
10.-11. Aug 2019
Brands Hatch
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