Everything Plumb? Free Practise & Qualifying

The first free practise begins on Friday afternoon, after the DEKRA technical inspectors have already carried out the tire lottery and the basic inspection of the vehicles as well as the inspection of the driver equipment in the morning.

25 pit marshals of the event organizer, who support the DEKRA experts in their work, receive a detailed briefing early on Friday morning. The planned focuses of the checks are coordinated with the Technical Delegate of the DMSB, who is a permanent part of the team in the DEKRA semitrailer, and then it starts: two free training sessions on Friday. The qualifying takes place on Saturday and on Sunday before the race. Here, the drivers spend 20 minutes battling for pole position. Pure adrenaline, including for the Technical Approval. Vehicle onto the measuring plate, weigh it, and on to the next vehicle.
The follow-up checks after the qualifying sessions and the timed runs pack a punch – both in terms of quality and the time specifications, the standards of the Technical Approval are very high. It includes:

  • Weighing drivers and vehicles
  • Taking fuel samples
  • Measuring the vehicle dimensions with a 3D measuring arm and scanner
  • Inspection of components with special measuring equipment, such as the shock absorber dynamometer integrated into the DEKRA semitrailer
  • Analysis of the engine and vehicle data
  • Assessment of the incident cam

And all this with the highest level of precision – despite all the hectic activity.


23.-25. Aug 2019
13.-15. Sep 2019
04.-06. Oct 2019
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