More performance, less downforce

This year, there are a few changes in the Technical Regulations of the DTM. Focus remains on safety. As the Official Technical Partner, DEKRA monitors compliance with the regulations. The DEKRA engineers are responsible for the operative implementation of the Technical Approval on race weekends under the authority of the German Motorsport Association (DMSB).

The rule changes promise even more exciting races and more attractiveness for the fans. Overall, they ensure that driving ability plays an even greater role.

One thing that contributes to this is the enhanced performance of the engines used. The two air restrictors were enlarged from 28 to 29 mm. Nevertheless, the durability of the engines remains a focus; in general, an engine lasts a complete season. Between the races, only inspections may be performed, not developments.

There are also new restrictions with regard to aerodynamics: the geometries of the front splitter, the underbody and the rear-end diffuser have been harmonised. All of this ensures that the downforce of the vehicles decreases and even more is demanded of the drivers. Moreover, a more efficient DRS (drag reduction system) promises more overtaking manoeuvres.

The topic of standard components was pursued consistently above and beyond the underbody in all areas in order to reduce costs. The biggest change besides the underbody is the conversion to a standard chassis. The DTM standard wheel is also new: all 18 cars not only use the same tyres, as before, but now also the same rims.

The pioneering safety concept of the DTM vehicles with monocoque and a total of six crash structures for front, rear and side impact including overturn structure, introduced in 2012, is also being reviewed by DEKRA experts as part of the technical approval in 2017.

“DEKRA has been committed to safety for more than 90 years. Therefore, this topic also plays a main role in our engagement in the DTM,” says DEKRA Motorsport Coordinator Wolfgang Dammert. “Our DTM team is looking forward to the new season with exciting races and safe conditions for drivers, teams and viewers on location.”


Formula 1
26. Nov 2017
Yas Marina Circui
Yas Island/Abu Dhabi
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