Post-season is pre-season

Even before the last of the tyre smoke has dispersed, preparations are already being made for the new season.

Safety is anything but routine. Engagement in an international race series like the DTM and at the level that DEKRA has operated at for many years requires continuous development and permanent presence.

This also applies in the after-season tests, in which the constructors test their vehicles under the conditions of the technical regulations for the new season. The DEKRA experts are also there, performing their monitoring tasks.

Here, one also receives insights into the technical developments of the new vehicles. This is an outstanding knowledge base for the successful implementation of the technical approval in the new season.


Formula 1
23. Mar 2018
Albert Park Circuit
Formula 1
06. Apr 2018
Bahrain International Circuit
GT Masters
13. Apr 2018

Formula 1
13. Apr 2018
Shanghai International Circuit
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