Confidence is Good – Control is Safer

Limiting costs is a central element of the DTM philosophy. In addition to the consistent use of so-called standard components such as the monocoque, the gearbox, and the clutch, this also involves limiting the engine allocations and restricting the permitted number of brake disks and tires – checked by the DEKRA experts.

Speaking of tires, the allocation of all the tires to the drivers takes place by lottery. Additionally, tire reference samples are taken so as then to compare them chemically with tire samples of the applicants. It is thus ensured that the material properties of Hankook’s standard tires are not changed and no competitive advantages or disadvantages arise.

Overnight Parc Fermé and Tire Parc Fermé are also measures aimed at saving costs and increasing equality of opportunity. By means of these measures, HR capacities are limited and each team has the same foundations for preparing the vehicles. Both the 18 vehicles and the approved five tire sets per driver according to the regulations are sealed from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.

Of course, monitoring is the responsibility of DEKRA – the first in the morning and the last in the evening, when the sealings of the tire and vehicle covers are checked and compliance with the regulations is then reported to the race director.


23.-25. Aug 2019
13.-15. Sep 2019
04.-06. Oct 2019
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