DEKRA and Formula Student Germany
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To develop, build and run a race car is the name of the game for university students taking part in Formula Student. And DEKRA plays an important role as well, since the expert organization supports the project with its technical expertise. Thanks to DEKRA the students also get the invaluable opportunity to test their designs in the FIA certificated DEKRA Test Center at Klettwitz, Germany.

Each Formula Student race car has to undergo a thorough security check before it is allowed to take to the track in a race. Safety requirements are extremely high in Formula Student. At DEKRA's Automobil Test Center at Klettwitz all student teams can crash-test their nose designs in order to get their cars approved for competition. For DEKRA the safety of drivers and cars is absolutely paramount. Only after passing the safety test, teams are able to take part in Formula Student's trial of strength at the Hockenheimring from August 6th to 12th, 2018. But before that, the teams spend several weeks and months planning, designing and constructing their race cars. Formula Student is not only about building a single-seater race car and fine-tuning it, but also about managing all financial aspects of the project and actively engaging in its marketing, too. For all these areas points are up for grabs as the teams need to convince the jury of their concepts' strengths. Of course, efficiency is the key factor in Formula Student as in the end it is not necessarily the fastest car that wins overall glory but the best package as a whole. This way, Formula Student perfectly simulates real-life motor racing business. For the students taking part it is the ideal preparation for a possible future career in the motor racing industry.

Formula Student boasts quite a history already as the foundations of the construction competition were laid as early as 1981. In Germany the project has been known under the Formula Student brand since 2006. The aim of Formula Student is for university students to construct a prototype race car and its powertrain, which has to be either a combustion engine or an electric engine. Since 2017 the rules also allow driverless cars to compete.

DEKRA offers several training events for the students to familiarize themselves with high-voltage systems in motor vehicles. The expert organization also reviews SES calculations for the cars' monocoques. Furthermore in the 2018 Formula Student season certain university teams can rely on DEKRA as their partner, too.

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