DEKRA in Formula Student Germany
Fostering Young Engineering Talent

Developing, building, and using their own racing car: That is the task for university teams in Formula Student. And DEKRA is also involved. The expert organization is supporting the project with technical expertise and is enabling the students to test their designs at the FIA-recognized DEKRA test center in Klettwitz.

Before being approved for the races, each individual Formula Student racing car must prove that it meets the high safety requirements. To this end, at the Automobile Test Center in Klettwitz, DEKRA offers the university teams the chance to carry out a precise review of the crash structures of their designs in order to receive their race track approval. Because the safety of drivers and vehicles occupies first place for DEKRA. Only thereafter will the way be clear for the big locking horns of all the teams, which will take place at the Hockenheimring from August 5 to 11, 2019.

However, the run-up to this involves several weeks and months of planning, development, and design for the university teams. As part of Formula Student, the young engineers must not only build a single-seater racing car and fine-tune it in terms of performance, but must also ensure the project financing and operate marketing. In all these areas, the aim is to collect points and convince a panel of the concept of the self-construction. Therefore, the most important thing is: efficiency. Because it is not necessarily the fastest vehicle that wins, but the best complete package. And so the design competition Formula Student imitates the real day-to-day business of motorsports and prepares the students outstandingly for professional life and a possible future in the motorsports environment.

Formula Student already has a large history. The beginnings of the design competition go back to 1981. In Germany, the competition has been held as Formula Student Germany since 2006. The aim is to design a prototype that must be driven by a combustion or electric engine.

Since 2017, driverless racing cars have also been permitted in the “Driverless” category – and the interest in this is growing rapidly. Therefore, Formula Student Germany wants to continue to promote autonomous driving and intermesh it even more closely with the aforementioned drive types. This means in concrete terms: From 2021, each vehicle must be equipped with this special technology and be able to complete the so-called acceleration test on a driverless basis.

The experts from DEKRA assist and advise the Formula Student Germany teams in this new challenge as well. DEKRA’s involvement includes, for example, providing training on handling high-volt systems in motor vehicles and reviewing the SES calculations of the monocoque. In addition, DEKRA will also appear as a partner of various university teams in the 2019 season.

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DEKRA engagement in Formula Student Germany


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